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You have entered a No Bullying Zone. We are determined to help the less fortunate rise above the tides of poverty and reach their maximum potential. Our input will have a impact (purposes with an agenda).


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The President's Message
Dear Public, I am concerned about the positions of our young men in society, as well as the hopelessness of the men returning to our communities, paralyzed and voiceless. The scales of justice in our judicial system are just not producing the results we need to show positive change. Families are losing fathers and the younger generation is being swept away. We need to take action and give input that has an impact.

Our Gallery

Anyone Can Be a Volunteer.

We invite you to stand with us as we extend a hand to those in need , whether its homelessness,, hopelessness or our veterans who are displaced and discouraged . Give us a call or email us today.

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5krun February 2019 ATLANTA MISSION
5krun February 2019 ATLANTA MISSION


Rick Evans’ took me off the streets of Philadelphia when many others walked past me either afraid that I was to far gone and unable to help me. Rick or the General as we refer to him got me an apartment made sure personal hygiene was conducted and dressed me from head to toe. He continues to check on me daily and has groceries delivered. A blessing to have a friend and I don't know where I would be without him. I love that guy.
Cub aka Lamont Lester
He is a blessing to have as a friend, don’t know where I would be without him.
Hopeless to Hopeful
As a young woman born of a strong African American father my childhood was filled with teachings and moments of life lessons. I was raised to be blind of color, deaf to insults and discouragements. Here at Noah's Ark Inc proactively exercise those lessons taught as a child. I Raquel Evans Mosley am Director of communications and community outreach. I will ensure that those in need of resources are right seated until their needs are met.
Raquel Evans Mosley

Our Team

Rick Evans
Director of Veterans Advocacy
Raquel Evans Mosley
Event Coordinator
Issac Chandler
Life Coach
Yvette Johnson
Communications Director
Abdul Saw
Director of Islamic Studies
Harietta Chandler
Life Coach
Cutty One At A Time Johnson
Addy McInnis
Senior Advisor To The President
James Beasley
Activity Coordinator Advisor
Cool (Terrance Conix)
Events Coordinating Director
Warren Williams
Noahs Ark Photographer
Warren Williams is the visionary CEO of Reel Art Work LLC, a cutting-edge video strategy company that thrives under his leadership. With a keen eye for creativity and a strategic mindset, Warren is dedicated to transforming brands through the power of visual storytelling. His passion for crafting captivating narratives has earned Reel Art Work LLC a reputation for excellence in the industry.
DJ ( Larry Jones )
Communications Director
Adriane Renay Alston
Homeless Outreach Coordinator
Aaron Porter
Sr. Advisor to the president
Alonso Gay
Director of training and trades
Advisor to the president
Alonzo Gay
Director of training and facilitating
Talisa Lowery
Activity Coordinator