We will create programs of prevention, conduct and accountability while encouraging intervention from all community churches and organizations to assist facilitating and restoring personhood to individuals. Extend, apply and exchange knowledge between Noah’s Ark members and society, applying personal experiences and expertise to community problems and helping individuals in their communities respond to their changing environments by making knowledge and resources created by Noah’s Ark accessible to all. Itervention/Mentorship
Intervention / Mentorship
We will assign a crisis intervention teams who will be a meticulously picked group of men and women (The Royal Court) whose primary responsibility will be to track the progress and review performances of all clients. Each team member will encompass a variety of experiences along with a shared passion and commitment to the values of our vision. Another area of concentration will be to give our youth an alternative to prison. Each member of (Noah’s Ark) will be giving the untimely task of mentoring (At Risk Youth) in the occupied community which will involve attending religious services and participating in (Big Brother) social and sporting events sponsored by the community.
Considerations Of Others Training
We will set the tone for self respect as well as consideration of others, creating an environment society would want to emulate. We will demystify poverty showing it is a failure of society and systems, not the individual.
Job Seeking Training
Our employment team will instruct on all areas of job seeking to include but are not limited to the application process, physical search, internet training, mannerism, etiquette professional dress and more. Provide individuals with understandings of social institutions and their process.
Spiritual Support
We will maintain constant communication with our members offering emotional and spiritual support constantly guiding, insuring that each person has the tools to become successful members of their communities, redefining the art of mentorship. Examine extracurricular activities and programs in order to assist staff and encourage clients to participate in meaningful community services.